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The nature of any team sport makes communication critical. Our VP of Communication will send emails to rowers and parents as necessary to inform rowers and parents of important issues. Coaches will communicate directly with rowers via email or text or tweet as necessary. We treat all athletes as adults as much as possible. When an athlete has a question or needs to miss practice, that communication should go directly from the athlete to the coach, not from parent to coach. Athletes are expected to know the schedule and team rules, own their own participation on the team, and act responsibly towards coaches and teammates.


The participation of crew parents is crucial to the continuation of this club. We have no professional club managers. Everything the club does is accomplished by parents like you, most of whom knew nothing about rowing when their children joined the team. Sign up sheets will be available at the parent meetings. You may also sign up through the website and/or contact the Vice-President in charge of the particular area in which you are interested.

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