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This page is left in situ only as an example of our Winter 2020 schedule.

Practice hours offered: Early 3:00-4:30, Later 4:30-6:00 (Monday through Thursday). Saturday: 7:00-8:30 use as an additional practice or for makeup).


January: you must attend 3 days per week or 12 practices (60%). 19 days offered this month (35 potential practices).This low number(60%) due to exams.


February: you must attend 4 days per week or 14 practices (70%). 21 days offered (36 potential practices). 


Feb 14-17 no practices, Feb 22 is NA erg race.


March; make 4 days per week or 18 practices (5 days if on water)(80%). 22 days offered (40 potential practices).


April, May: make 80% of practices. Some Friday practices may be added if needed for more water time.

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