Registration Forms/ Information

If you plan to join for Fall 2021, please contact

before you start on forms

Covid-19 social distancing restrictions are gradually easing, and we are following USRowing, state, school district and local guidelines.

To join for the Fall season, 2021

1. Register at FamilyID through the Fox Chapel Area School District Athletic Website BY August 6, 2021


2. Have a Physical Examination by your family physician or at Med Express (club sports participants are not eligible for school-bases examinations. CIPPEE Section V & Section VI  pages found on the Family ID Registration (link found on the bottom right of Family ID page).  These must be filled out by a physician and returned to Fox Chapel Area High School Athletic Department By August 6, DO NOT RETURN TO COACH OR THE TEAM .


3. FC Rowing Registration Form Fall 2021 must be filled out online.  This form includes the membership application, the Athlete Code of Conduct, and the Aspinwall Riverfront Park Waiver.

4. Swim Test Form- (Rowers new to the team only) Print and take to a lifeguard. Any certified Lifeguard can give the test. The test must be completed and returned coach in person or mailed to FCCrew, 501 Guyasuta Road. Pittsburgh PA 15215  before your first practice in order to to be eligible to row


5. Join USRowing as a basic individual member.   You cannot attend practice without this because without it you are not covered under our insurance policy. Our club # is 716.  You will need our club code ND97D to link your membership and waiver to our roster.  Parents must complete a waiver (below) as part of their child joining USRowing.  There is a small fee of about $10 associated with joining USRowing.


6. Complete USRowing Waiver online as a part of Joining USRowing (above)

7. Payment of dues must be done in accordance with notice from our treasurerYou will be notified by the treasurer when payment is due. Installments and in some cases partial scholarships can be arranged by contacting out treasurer (

If you would like to join or to receive more information, please contact Mark Bellinger, Head coach before you fill out forms.

novice crew


If you have questions or would like more information about our program, please contact our head coach, Mark Bellinger.